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Hard Cider from the Heart of Maine

Oct 02, 2023

Located in Albion, Maine, Freedom’s Edge Cider has a mission is to make ciders the traditional way, using real cider apples, and without excessive sweetening. They want everyone, not just a few cider snobs, to be able to taste cider the way it was meant to be made…the way it used to be made during the 200 years when cider was the most popular fermented beverage in America.

Incidentally, Freedom’s Edge is one of the ONLY draft cidermakers in the US that uses bittersweet apples in their ciders.  The varietals used are not well known (outside of the cidermaking community): Dabinett, Ellis Bitter, Major, Ashton Bitter and Yarlington Mill are a few of their favorites. None of their larger competitors use bittersweet apples in their blends…because these apples cost more than traditional dessert apples and are more difficult to procure.

Original Blend is a classic, and still their best seller! A balanced, semi-dry cider made from a blend of local dessert apples along with traditional English bittersweets. Easy drinking, with good body and a clean finish. If you want a variety, pick up their Cider Cocktail Variety Pack, which includes: Raspberry Lime Rickey, Cranberry Cosmo, Peach Bellini and Blueberry Daiquiri.

Try a cider from Freedom’s Edge, and taste the most enjoyable beverage possible and allow the flavor of the apples to be the star of the show!

All Natural Ingredients | PERFECTLY BALANCED | Naturally Gluten Free


For more info:  freedomsedgecider.com


Words: Kelly Kirkpatrick, Editor – Heady Times Magazine

Photos: Courtesy of Freedom’s Edge Cider